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UltraWave Fly Rods

Testimonials on the UltraWave Fly Rod on Fly Angler On Line Forum

"The beauty of a fly rod is not in its appearance ... but its performance.  If this were not true, fly fisherman would still be using guideless ash tree saplings with no reels, guides, reel seat or handle."

I have never considered the poundage of a fly rod to be a measure of its performance, because some of the heaviest fly rods, ever made, were great casting rods .... Cane and Bamboo. Newton's Second Law of Motion clearly states that Force is equal to Mass multiplied by Acceleration, F=ma. UltraWave rods are extremely light because the blank's walls are some of the thinnest made, the guides, the majority are single foots are titanium, and the wraps are coated with three coats of low-build Urethane varnish.  However, because in the butt section, the opposing curve to the force applied to the rod during a forward cast and the woven graphite material the rod is made from, UltraWave's butt sections are the stoutest I have personally cast when compared to fly rods of the same line weight.  This does not mean that the forces applied during the back cast turns it into a "noodle".   Virtually all blanks have a strong side and a weaker side.  Most rod builders put the guides on the strong side back bone. The UltraWave easily keeps  seventy plus feet or more of line in the air, if you so desire.  Its ability to back cast well is caused partly by the opposing curve in the tip section of the rod.  This is also why the UltraWave rod sets the hook so miraculously.  This asset can't be discovered from grass-casting but is only realized from fishing the rod.  I guarantee you will discover this in the first couple sets of the hook.  You will also discover that the tip section is straighter and holds the line higher while fighting a fish and reacts quicker to remove slack line during the battle.

This is my evaluation of the Ultrawave Fly Rods used by Dorber, the originator of the UltraWave Fly Rods, on their website.

"After 56 years of fly fishing, over 30 years as a professional fly fishing guide, and fishing with an UltraWave rod for more than 3 years, I have can truly say that I have found a rod that can only be categorized as magnificent. Dorber's UltraWave fly rod is everything an angler could wish for. A great comparison of what the UltraWave rod will be to fly fishing is what the re-curve bow did for archery. For the first time, the fly angler has a rod that does not breakdown on the forward cast due to the force applied to the butt section, has enough quality guides (19 REC Titanium guides) spaced and sized properly to eliminate “line sag” (the distance killer of today's mass produced rods), has an upward curved tip section that sets the hook faster and stronger than any other comparable same line weight rod, and is not weighted down with gobs of high build epoxy which only adds additional weight. The UltraWave rod is a thoroughbred among a field of ponies. I have cast the light 3.7 ounce, 9 foot, 5 weight 70 feet into a 20 mile per hour head wind. Even the shortest of cast is completed with less effort when compared to the traditional plastic bamboo configured rods produced by the major rod building manufactures. In fact, it is not unusual to over cast even the shortest distances until the angler adjust his/her effort applied to the forward portion of any cast. The efficiency of the curved blank coupled with the comprehensive guide configuration adds yardage to long distance double hauls. The ability of the UltraWave design to load the rod at moderate distances and then shoot the line upwards of 40 feet is an incredible advantage for any angler. No doubt, the opposing curves of the blank and the exceptional guide setup have brought a level of excellence not achieved by any other rod maker in today's market. At a moderate price, the UltraWave is the best value and best performing fly rod in the fly fishing industry today.

It's All Fly Fishin',
Fox Statler"

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