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To copy what God has created in the underwater realm of "Fishdom" has long been a finless daydream of mine.

What They See is a book about the minnows that live within the White River System of the Mississippi River Drainage. The majority of the sixty-six minnows that occur within the upland White River System are found throughout most of the cold to cool waters of the Mississippi drainage and portions of the Atlantic Coastal drainage. This book contains the Distribution, Habitat, Spawning Period, and the Spawning Habitat of the minnows and baitfish that are indigenous to the uplands White River area. For each minnow within the area, the book contains the tying instructions and list of materials needed to create your own Anatomically Correct Imitation. Whether you are a Bass Buster, Crappie Chaser, Walleye Weasel, Trout Teaser, Bream Bandit, or just a Lunker Lover this book will help you catch more and larger fish. Enhance your fishing ability by knowing the baitfish's behavior, colors, water preference, breeding cycles, and stream distribution.

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In the spring of 1989, I stumbled upon an idea that I knew would make one of my favorite pastimes, Smallmouth Bass fishing, more enjoyable. To copy what Mother Nature has created in the underwater realm of "fishdom" has long been a finless daydream of mine. Each spring since the idea of Anatomically Correct Minnow Patterns first captured my imagination, I have set out to copy the most correct baitfish patterns in the history of fishing, and each spring I had failed. Not because of my inabilities as a fly and jig tyer, but because of something more basic than skill - materials. Materials that were fine enough to swim with every wisp of the current and came in every color of the rainbow. Materials that did not fade, evaporate, mildew, melt, or rot. Materials that were country tuff, blue-jean durable, oak tree sturdy , and granite resilient. Material that bounced off of rocks instead of crumbling, resisted the bite of Gar's teeth better than chewing gum, and scoffed at snarling briars and limbs as though they were the silk of a spider's web.....

It's All Fly Fishin',

Fox Statler

Fishin' What They See, Vol. 1 $10.95
The White and Black River Systems Above Their Confluence and The Little Red River System.

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